Post ACL/Trauma Care

ACL - Dedicated care that sees you back on your feet.

The ACL attaches to the knee at the bottom, back of the femur (thigh bone) and crosses diagonally through the knee joint to attach at the upper part of the tibia (shin bone).

The posterior cruciate ligament crosses the knee joint in the opposite direction; making an "X" shape (cruciate is from the Latin word for cross). The ACL and PCL work together to stabilize the knee joint, especially during movement that involves a sudden change of motion or impact.

If you've recently had ACL surgery, exercises are an important part of your recovery, in addition, to wearing orthosis helps you to recover fast. The goal of exercises is to regain neuromuscular control of the quadriceps, strengthen the hip and maintain knee and ankle range of motion on the affected leg.

General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver
General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver

TRAUMA CARE - Say, Hello to life

Physical trauma is a serious injury to the body. The two main types of physical trauma are:

Force trauma:

When an object or force strikes the body, often resulting in concussions, deep cuts, or broken bones.

Penetrating trauma:

When an object pierces the skin or body, usually creating an open wound
Our nursing staff is capable of taking care of the needs of trauma patients. They help the patients to deal with the different types of physical injury, support in assisting care, dressing, wound care management and medication management. Moreover, encouraging them to stay positive throughout the complete treatment is the most important emotional support which staff can reduce the post-trauma stress disorder.

They support the physical as well the mental condition of the patients. Help them lead to mental counseling if the patients feel distressed at home.

Providing medical support and helping them recover soon. Home care for the patients who are going through the pain will be a source of mental strength.

Home care services are much more affordable than the hospital cost until the patient is fully recovered. So, it is better if you opt for patient care at home with our extensive services of trauma patient care and supervise your loved one's health in your presence.



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