Medical Equipment
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Patient Bed (Manual)Manual Patient Bed

Monthly: Rs.2500/- Weekly:Rs.1000/- Daily:Rs.200/-

Hospital bed - manual, specifically designed for use in environments with high bacteriological risk,

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Patient Bed (Motorized)Motorized Patient Bed

Monthly: Rs.6000/- Weekly:Rs.2000/- Daily:Rs.350/-

Keeping in mind the varied demands of patrons, we offer a wide range of Electric Hospital Bed. Our I

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 Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator

Monthly: Rs.8500/- Weekly:Rs.3500/- Daily:Rs.400/-

Oxygen Concentrator is manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which

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 Cardic Monitor Cardic Monitor

Monthly: Rs.4500/- Weekly:Rs.2500/- Daily:Rs.400/-

This Cardiac Monitor gives care teams throughout the hospital more of the information they need right

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 Bipap Bipap

Monthly: Rs.5000/- Weekly:Rs.2000/- Daily:Rs.350/-

When a therapy device takes patient care to the next level, it's an important advancement. When it c

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 Cpap Cpap

Monthly:Rs.4500/- Weekly:Rs.2000/- Daily:Rs.350/-

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is used for providing treatment for obstructive s

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 Ventilator Ventilator

Monthly: Rs.35000/- Weekly:Rs.15000/- Daily:Rs.2500/-

Dependable ventilator can help you face clinically challenging environments. It is easy to use and c

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 Infusion Pump Infusion Pump

Monthly: Rs.5000/- Weekly:Rs.2500/- Daily:Rs.300/-

The device has a modern HD LCD display with a high information capacity, a pleasant user interface a

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IV StandIV Stand

Monthly:Rs.1000/- Weekly:Rs.300/- Daily:Rs.50/-

We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer and supplier of I V Stand....

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 DVT Pump DVT Pump

Monthly:Rs.5500/- Weekly:Rs.3200/- Daily:Rs.500/-

The Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prevention Therapy System is a pneumatic compression device that noni

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 Suction Machine Suction Machine

Monthly:Rs.3000/- Weekly:Rs.800/- Daily:Rs.150/-

It is designed with an oil-free lubrication pump based on extensive design experience and developmen

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