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When a therapy device takes patient care to the next level, it's an important advancement. When it can also recognize changing patient needs and automatically make adjustments, it’s revolutionary. The System One BiPAP AVAPS and BiPAP S/T are noninvasive ventilation devices developed to help you provide better, more efficient care for patients, including children as young as seven years of age and who weigh more than 40 pounds. And who better to bring it to you than the innovators in noninvasive (NIV) bi-level therapy for the home.

Note:- Actual product may differ slightly from the one shown in the image.

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  • Automatically adapts to disease progression and changing patient needs.
  • Maintains optimal patient comfort without compromising patient care and efficiency.
  • Improves ventilation efficiency.
  • Simplifies the titration process.
  • Advanced leak-sensing technology with Digital Auto-Track
  • Enables you to achieve optimum patient/ventilator synchrony.
  • Recognizes and compensates for leaks.
  • Automatically adjusts its variable trigger and cycle thresholds.
  • Easy access to patient data
  • Monitor patient compliance. Evaluate ventilation efficiency.
  • Identify trends.
  • Tap into EncorePro and Encore Anywhere ventilation data management software.
  • Access BiPAP AVAPS and BiPAP S/T ventilator data such as AHI, leak, clear airway apneas, and minute ventilation.



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