Neurology care

Neurology Care

The nervous system is exceptionally mind-boggling and incorporates the brain, spinal cord and nerves to the face, body arms and legs. Harm to the nervous system from either damage or sickness can prompt trouble in controlling movement, sensation may likewise be influenced and issues with speech, vision, swallowing, speaking and bowel and bladder control may likewise present. Mood, ability to concentrate and memory can likewise be influenced.

Alzheimer / Dementia Care

At Shrahav, we firmly believe that 'right care at the right place' can help your loved one to maintain a high quality of healthy long life even in the face of memory loss and cognition. We understand staying in the familiar surroundings of the home makes them feel safe and loved with their loved ones. Shrahav believes in focusing on the care and dignity of the person. Our caregivers complete a comprehensive training program to understand the disease process and learn strategies to manage difficult behaviors'. Key areas of training are communication skills, safety concerns, managing challenging behaviors , engaging clients in meaningful activities and activities of daily living.

General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver

Care Plan Elements:

  • Comprehensive patient assessment
  • Specialized caregiver training and ongoing supervision
  • Engaging the client in cognitively stimulating activities
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Ongoing communication with family and care providers
  • Personal care and assistance with activities of daily living
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Appointment escort and incidental transportation
  • Development and implementation patient-centred care plan
General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver

Parkinson's Care

A Parkinson's diagnosis is a life-changing event for a patient who is affected. It does not just affect the person living with it. Parkinson's disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder. Its symptoms manifest differently in different patients, and the pace at which the disease worsens varies on an individual basis. It's almost impossible to take care of a person with a chronic illness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a caregiver, you have to prepare for changes in your loved one's behavior as well as physical, mental and emotional needs.

People living with Parkinson's disease have unique needs and challenges. As a result, those living alone or with other family members are often faced with many challenges that can affect their ability to succeed at home independently. Challenges may include incontinence or constipation, medication management motion impairment, speech impairment, swallowing difficulties, and nutritional management. Shrahav Medicare is here to support these patients with Parkinson's disease in the comforts of their own homes. We believe in providing a holistic approach & humble support to the patient and their family members. Since Parkinson's disease is both chronic and progressive, our goal is to assist the patient to successfully continue to live independently at home for as long as possible. Our caregivers are trained to understand the disease process and learn strategies to assist in the management of symptoms and activities of daily living.

Post-Stroke Care

No one is ever prepared for the reality of a stroke and its consequences. Stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke) doesn't just happen to the survivor; it affects a whole family. Paralysis, shoulder pain, difficulty walking, balance problems, stiff arms, spasticity are a few issues to start with. While it is normal to feel anxious, helpless and depressed, it is important to understand that every stroke is different & every recovery is unique. Stroke recoveries are full of milestones, some are small ones like lifting your foot up, and others are huge, like walking for the first time post-stroke. A speedy response can help reduce the damage to a person's brain and improve their chances of a full recovery. A delay in getting help can result in death or long-term disabilities.

General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver

Hence, it goes without saying how important it is to select the right experts for the right approach to stroke rehabilitation because "Early Initiation of Physiotherapy post-stroke reported to have better outcomes".

At Shrahav, our multidisciplinary team of stroke physiotherapists works closely and come up with a holistic treatment plan with various medical services including medical assistant, and equipment to aid in smooth recovery, helping stroke survivors return to independent living.



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