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Shrahav is one of the healthcare organizations and a growing team. With us, you will gain experience while working with leaders in the field; we are looking for people of positive attitude and commitment. Benefits of Choosing SHRAHAV MEDICARE To be the best health homecare we provide our employees with a secure job with a salary and a friendly work environment. To apply, please send us your resume at

Work Environment

"SHRAHAV" provides an encouraging, friendly and positive working environment; providing several benefits for both employees and employers. This is because this type of environment can lead to employee's success and happiness both personally and professionally.

Team - we all learn something new every day. We believe in supporting each other.

The Work - and interesting.

Appreciations - Every Year we provide a certificate of appreciation for Employees outstanding efforts & epitome of teamwork.

Hiring Process

Application - You can send your applications/resume to the email ID or Hotline Number. Our HR Executive will get in touch with you directly.

Interview - Interview may be a Personal interview/Telephonic/Zoom /Skype call interview.

Process - Recruiter and Department Head intake meeting -> Applicant screening -> Job Interviews with HR -> Background check & Reference checks -> Decision -> Job offer -> Hiring.

Who are we?

Shrahav - Revive at Home, Shrahav spells the Initial of 3 passionate healthcare professionals who choose to revive the ailing population at home by providing the finest-in-class assistance.

We "Shrahav" believe that if the patient gets treatment at home, he will get rapid remarkable recovery. We have specialized in "Home Medical Care" profession and providing services to patients who wish medical care at home.

Easy access to Qualified and Skilled medical nursing at your doorstep: Quality medical services by a highly skilled doctor, licensed nurse and caregiver. Our employees are equipped with the latest technology for your treatment. This provides Tele-medicine facility where a specialist can guide, monitor the patient and nurse at home.

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