ICU Setup at Your Home

ICU Setup at Your Home

Intensive Care Unit setup is care to the critically ill patient and who needs end of life care at home. These setup includes professional ICU experienced nurses, Medical caregivers, Medical equipment on rent, Emergency medicine kits, Doctor visits at home. ICU care provides a range of high-quality care under the supervision of Doctors and Nursing Supervisors. Patients in intensive care need emotional support too. That's why we bring your loved ones closer to you. With the capability to provide ICU care, we at Shrahav ensure professional, hospital-like treatment at home. Our medical team is proficient in ICU management and situational handling to deliver the best of medical care to the patients.

Our nursing team is highly competent to handle a range of services 24*7 that require clinical expertise, such as IV/IM Administration, DVT Pump, Infusion pump, suctioning, ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP support, tracheostomy care, stroke care, end of life care and more. Our medical caregiver is experienced and professionals to provide 24*7 attentive medical care, Hygiene care, Catheter care, Nursing assistant, Required Mobility to the patient.

General Work Responsibilities
of ICU Nurse

  • Assessing patient condition and preparing care plan
  • Treatment of wounds
  • Vital monitoring
  • Ensuring ventilators, monitors and other equipment proper functioning
  • Medication management
  • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
  • Oxygen administration
  • Oxygen administration
  • IV / IM fluids administration
  • Pain management
  • Responding to life-saving situations
  • Providing education and support to patient family members
General Work Responsibilities of a Medical Caregiver

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