Physiotherapist for
Home Session

Physiotherapist for Home Session

Physiotherapists are certified healthcare professionals who can help reduce the patient's pain and improve or restore mobility through physical means. The physiotherapist will assess and diagnose the patient and prepare a treatment plan based on the condition of the patient.

Physiotherapy Session at home has been a well-recognized line of treatment in making bodywork efficiently regardless of the cause for the problem. The one who is not able to go to the hospital/clinic, they can ask for a home visit in their residence only. Physiotherapist visit at home is trending nowadays, and many are getting benefits from this facility.

Physiotherapy treatment carried
out at your home

  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Physical exercise
  • Cold therapy / cryotherapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Stretching regimen
  • Strengthening exercise
  • Balancing exercise
  • Coordination exercise
  • Muscle stimulation therapy
  • Chest expansion exercise
  • Exercise to increase vital capacity
  • Exercise to increase vital capacity
  • Exercise to increase physical capacity
  • ROM exercise
  • Proprioceptive exercise
  • Breathing exercise:- 1. Inspiratory exercise 2. Expiratory exercise
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