"Shrahav" is a registered home healthcare service provider, highly recommended by medical professionals and best rated by the patient's family. Shrahav provides 24*7 helpline connect service & supported by super specialist consultants, Shrahav ensures the best medical management by doing patient assessment as the first step of care. Shrahav does have the hospital's support for a medical emergency to be addressed. Pathology, Pharmacy & Medical Equipment on rent is the bundle of services to be provided for Home Medical Care Patients.

  • Doctor - Medical officer or MBBS Doctor Visit at home.
  • Physiotherapy- Experienced physiotherapist visit at home.
  • Medical Caregiver - these people are there to provide physical or mentally support and help in activities of daily life.
  • Basic Nursing - these are ANM nurses who have basic medical knowledge; can handle medications and also help in activities of daily life. Some senior nurses in this category can handle tube feeding and catheters.
  • ICU trained nurses - these nurses are BSC NURSING or GNM nurses with prior experience in ICU care of patients. These nurses can handle ventilation equipment, suction, tracheostomy, all other catheters, and tube feeding and medication administrations.

SHRAHAV MEDICARE works with the highest ethical standards; we keep doctors informed while care giving & engage them with our clinician as required. Educating patient parties to have clinician involvement for medical care at home is the drive-in future. The community can expect us as the Trusted, qualified & well-trained care giving service provider across Gujarat in the coming years.

SHRAHAV office is situated at the address listed on the website. The office is only for backend work and accounts.

Yes, we are a registered company in Gujarat.

We provide Qualified and Skilled medical nursing at your doorstep: Quality medical services by a highly-skilled Doctor, Physiotherapy, licensed nurse, experienced caregiver and all types of medical equipment.

YES, the doctor comes at home and gives medical advice to the patient, but if in case of emergency or if the doctor feels that patient needs immediate medical attention, ambulance services will be called and the patient would be shifted to the hospital.

The SOW (Statement of Work) & SEL (Professional Services Engagement Letter) will have to be signed before initiating any medical services. The soft copy of the same will be delivered to your email address or a PDF will send on your WhatsApp.

If services are terminated for any other cause other than death then the company needs at least 48 hours notice period for termination of services

Yes, Schedules Are Set-Up Based On Patient, Caregiver And Family Needs.

Yes, All Our Nursing has either a Degree in Nursing or a General Nursing qualification. Moreover, Nurses have hospital and home care experience.

You can contact on the given emergency number or the doctor who visits the patient directly for any medical doubts and you would also be given a contact number of care executive. They would handle all troubleshooting issues and if needed escalate it to the office.

Yes we do provide 24-hour services for nursing and medical caregivers.

Billing the cycle is from 1st day of the month to the second last day of the month. In case services are terminated in between then the last day of the services is taken up for billing or billed based on the number of days the service has been provided.

Bills are sent to your place or on WhatsApp. If a hard copy is required, it would be couriered to you along with the receipt of your payment once we receive your payment.

The deposit is a security deposit for all services and equipment provided for health care services are provided at your home. It is a refundable deposit or it is adjusted with the final bill at the time of termination of services or completion of service.

No,Payment should not pay directly to any of the Medical caregivers, Nurse & Doctors.

The payment can be done by Cheque , NEFT, G Pay or cash.

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